Hi Marshalls!

Thanks for volunteering your time

Please find below information for the event on Sunday


Marshall Positions


 Management Team   
Lee BrownRace Director07763685574
Angie BrownComms07763749115
# PositionAreaRoleNameContact
1Transitionbike in/outStuart ThasosRadio
2TransitionMountHannah F
3Transitionrun in/outSarah StillwellRadio
4SwimSwim DirectorHannah MRadio
5SwimLanes 1&2Sashavia Hannah M
6SwimLanes 3&4Zoevia Hannah M
7SwimLanes 5&6Kevvia Hannah M
8Bike CourseEnd of Bike OutStuarts Other Half
9Bike Coursemain roundaboutGareth GatesMobile via Comms
10Bike CourseHump Back Bridge & Bike DirectorSu PosthumusMobile via Comms
11Bike Courseleft turn onto gooserye roadClaire LoweMobile via Comms
12Bike Courseright turn at roundaboutAnnaMobile via Comms
13Run CoursePosition 1 - Dead TurnMandRadio
14Run CoursePosition 2 - Bridge CornerLucyRadio
15Run CoursePosition 3 - Bridge OverKyravia above
16CommsComms/First AidAngieRadio
18Water StationCan come under Finish Team until swim doneLee


Race Information

  • Please take a quick read of the race information pack here: Woking Spring Race Pack
  • Additional course information is available here
  • Marshall Briefing is at 8.00AM by registration
  • Lunch and Drinks at a local pub after site strip down


Swim additional info

  • Swimmers are started in waves at half length intervals and will be counted down by the timing official prior to starting.
  • Swimmers are adequately spaced to allow sufficient space within a lane but its possible you may catch up with the swimmer in front, if you do tap their heels and they will let you pass at the end of the length
  • All swimmers are responsible for counting their own lengths.
  • Swimmers shall be spot checked by Marshall’s and any swimmer found not to be completing the correct number of lengths will be awarded a 1 minute time penalty per length not completed.
  • Swimmers shall exit the pool by climbing out the side at the same end they entered the.
  • No Tumble Turns are allowed
  • No backstroke is allowed – If you need to rest before continuing please do so to one side at the end of a lane.

Bike Course additional info

  • In the event of any problems your first point of contact will be via Comms on the number above.
  • Comms will inform Bike Director etc and arrange the movement of Marshall’s to rectify the problem.
  • In the event of an incident or complaints by the general public do not communicate with the individual or press just refer any enquiries back to HQ for comment.

Any questions please get in touch