Welcome to the new website for Fullsteam Events.

This is where your going to find out all about the new and exciting events were going to be launching for 2015 and 2016 over the coming weeks.

Some of you will have got to know us through our GoTri Woking events where over the course of the season we will have had the pleasure of introducing over 200 novices to the sport of Triathlon. Some of those novices have gone on to the join the triathlon club I founded in Woking, Surrey and it has been great seeing how you’ve all developed throughout our first years events. Some of you have moved onto bigger and larger events with other organisers and as you’ve developed so have we.

Were now looking to move into organising bigger and better events keeping at our heart our commitment to organising the best events we possibly can. As a competitor there are many things we’ve noticed at other events we wished had been done differently and now is our opportunity to put our money where our mouth is and try and organise for you the best possible events.

With the Launch of our first Sprint event in Woking coming at the end of Summer I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you all how we feel we can deliver you the best events possible and find out from you our potential customers what you wish had been done differently.

The Race Itself

What makes a great race, often more then the course its the set-up itself. From the sign up process through to making sure we have enough water for everyone you can be assured we’ll be doing our best to make it right. If your experience is not 100% perfect we want you to tell us and we want to try and improve on it next time. If you’ve ever come to one of our events I hope you’ve personally had the chance to talk to one of the team after the event and we make a deliberate effort to talk to everybody and ensure they had a great race.

Social & Club Events

Our events aren’t just races and we don’t want you rushing off at the end to go home, update Facebook and sit on the sofa all afternoon. We would rather you bring the whole family and get a chance to interact with the fantastic community sport has to offer, get to know other local athletes and generally have a good time. This will vary from event to event but a key focus of our larger events will be in delivering an unrivalled post race experience with food, drink and plenty of ice breakers to get you chatting. During the course of the event as well we want to engage with the friends and family of all our athletes. Its no fun finishing a race to be greeted by bored spectators and we’ll make sure that the fun isn’t just taking place on the course.

To find out more about our events head on over to our events page and check out our Woking Sprint Tri and End of Summer Party.


Races don’t exist without the volunteers that help run them, that’s a fact. An organiser spends many hours behind the scenes slogging away to make an event run smoothly with the hope of turning a profit at the end. If he does a good job he’s appropriately rewarded however the volunteers that help deliver the event on the day are often under rewarded. At club level events where your supporting a local organisation or charity this may be appropriate but when helping a larger organisation we know you want something in return.

As a result we’ve looked at our volunteers and how best we can reward them for their help on the day and have established a system of rewards for those individuals who give up their time.

Check out our Volunteers pages if you have friends/family or you yourself would like to work with us and help put on what should be the best sports events around.


Even if you can’t make our first event like our Facebook page and stay in touch as we’ll be bringing you plenty more events through the year.

Thanks for reading



Lee Brown

Race Director


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Terry connolly · 9th July 2015 at 9:43 pm

I would like to offer my services as an event volunteer, look forward to hearing from you in the hope of progressing with this and to discuss my suitable experience

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